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And Now You Write

on September 15, 2010

And Now You Write – September 18, 2010
Prompt:  What If . . . .

What if I never watched tv again?
What if I volunteered to hold sick babies in NICU?
What if the question mark had never been invented?
What if I volunteered for our local hospice?
What if I started quilting without using a pattern?
What if I never had to worry about money again?
What if the sky was chartreuse and the grass was lavender?
What if Tom Hanks had played Mrs. Doubtfire and Robin Willimas had played Forrest Gump?
What if I had never moved to San Diego?
What if baby Andrew or baby Mark had lived?
What if I’d never had the measles and had 20/20 vision and good hearing?
What if my eyes were blue?
What if I was an 8 to 5 girl?
What if I were 5’ 10” instead of 5’5”?
What if roses were blue?
What if daffodils bloomed all year around?
What if bears were friends and people more loving?
What if I reached out to you?
What if Angels didn’t guide me?
What if I had never learned to read?
What if I were mute?
What if I could eat as intuitively as I breathe?
What if all people could follow Rodney King’s advice and just get along?

And Now You Write – September 17, 2010
Prompt:  Laughter & love will change . . .

Laughter and love
Will change
My bad mood
Before the first
HA is vocalized.

Is there a greater gift
In this world
Than a full-bodied
Belly laugh?

Give it a whirl.
I dare you.
And watch your
Bad mood
Dissolve into a
Distant memory.

ANYW Day 3, September 16, 2010 – Hand

Prompt – What do you hold in your hand?

What does your hand hold? My hands hold memories of babies held, of babies nuzzled while I said goodbye, of babies fighting to live, of babies saying yes mom, I’ll stay.  My hands hold love – so much love that they throb with the energy.  My hand holds my story – life lines and age spots, evidence I have a puppy, wedding rings, ink stains, scars from accidents long ago.

My hands hold life, veins pulsing with blood flow, bones and knuckles flexing to do their job.

My hands hold joy and excitement every time they clap.

My hands hold possibilities not yet thought of.  Who knows where these fingers will go on the keyboard or the flute! Who knows where my hands will go on the page?  My hands hold possibilities of experiences yet to come, other hands to hold, cheeks to caress.

ANYW Day 2 – Passionate Detachment

Prompt: When I write with passionate wonder and let go of worry, I open myself to . . .

When I write with passionate wonder and let go of worry, I open myself to exploration and discovery of my truest self, that part of me long buried with emotional baggage and the detritus of everyday life.

With an open heart, I can excavate acceptance of my light that shines on that proud truest self including the shadow that harbors the darkness of that shine, those aspects of my truest self that evoke fear and shame.

When I write with passionate wonder and let go of worry, I open myself to . . . my truest self that wants to be unearthed and stand proud knowing she’s amazing just as she is.

For And Now You Write with Julie Jordan Scott.

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