And Now You Write – Week 2

And Now You Write – Week 2

And Now You Write – September 19, 2010
Prompt:  When I stop fighting it and start writing even when I don’t feel like it, I notice…

The cacophony of noise is killing my ear drums.  The symphony is warming up, but my inner critic fights to be the orchestra conductor.  She gets louder, afraid of being pushed away and replaced by another conductor.  My stubborn Taurus psyche feels a bit bullied and has to put a few discordant notes into the warm ups as well.  It’s getting too loud, too off key . . .

Surrender!  White flag!  The orchestra baton signals quiet!  It moves gently on its own, indicating pianissimo.  1, 2, 3.  And now breathe . . . inhale relaxation and verve . . . exhale black foggy negative energy.  Let go . . . just let it go.  Breathe.  Ah . . . now, let’s write.  Clarity comes.  Joy comes.  Flow comes.  The orchestra is moving together following the same score.  Soon the writing Angels are right there with me, enjoying the music, embracing my effort.  I can finally hear them, and they, me.

I’ve shown up, instrument and breath ready, and now I write.

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