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Gratitude Month – Day 1

on November 1, 2010

The 30 Thanks Gratitude AdventureLast year on Facebook, I participated in posting a daily gratitude through the month of November.  It felt really good to do this, and I continued for awhile into December.  Even though I dropped it on Facebook, I continued the practice privately by listing a daily gratitude in my journal every evening.

A few months ago, I did a program called Journaling for Self-Discovery.  As a part of this process, I came up with my core values.  Living a life of gratitude is in my top five; it’s something so important to me that I feel I must do it to feel authentic in this crazy world.  In mid-October, I extended my list to 10 things every night at the suggestion of Goddess Arianmor on Blog Talk Radio.  She also recommends focusing on some things that we struggle with.  For example, I had an IBS flare recently, so I wrote about how grateful I am for the good parts of my health and body as well as the lessons learned from IBS (namely, I need to chill out!).

As 2010 hurtles by, it’s now November – the month of Thanksgiving for Americans.  I’ve decided to post a daily gratitude throughout the month here on my blog.  I would love it if you would join me in posting your daily gratitude here (or wherever) and sharing it with me.  Also, the incredibly creative Marissa Bracke has started the 30 Thanks Gratitude Adventure.  I’ve decided to join along and hope some of you will as well.

Without further ado, my gratitude for November 1, 2010 . . . is of course, for my husband, Greg.  The first time I saw this man I knew we would marry someday – and I had no idea who he was.  We merely passed each other in a courtyard.  It was probably my first experience with claircognizance.  I knew without a bit of doubt that this man was my soul mate.  This fleeting moment was in May 1983, and we’ve been married 24 years now (25 on December 28).  These years haven’t all been easy, and there have been times we haven’t especially liked each other.  But we made a commitment to each other and learned how to compromise without becoming doormats.  Our current challenge with job situations and finances is incredibly stressful and yet we’ve become closer through it.  We are a team in most things from parenting to household chores and yet we allow each other space to be individuals embracing our differences and celebrating our commonalities.  We keep each other grounded, and I celebrate each day I wake up next to him.

And so, on this first day of November, I’m so very grateful and blessed to have found my soul mate and life partner!  ♥

5 Responses to “Gratitude Month – Day 1”

  1. Maribeth, I love, love, LOVE the idea of a gratitude MONTH! I’m in!!

    Can’t say I’ll remember to jump over here and post my gratitude thought every day – because I have a colander brain (which I’m not always grateful for – lol), but I sure will try – because I am so grateful for the reminder (especially in the graceful way that you’ve done it here) to look at (and for) the good stuff in my life!!

    Besides being grateful for your reminder about being grateful (grin), I’m so grateful for my house. When I let the dog out (and back in – sometimes I remember things) last night I was smelling the Fall air and looking at my leaf-strewn patio (which I had un-leafed a bit earlier) and feeling so touched by love and gratitude for my home, sweet home (while understanding that there’s always going to be something else that needs to be fixed – somehow this was a revelation to me!?!).

  2. Ada Lai says:

    I love this idea – actually think we should this all year round, but in the spirit of “Gratitude Month”, let me say that I am immeasureably grateful to have a loving husband who has been there for me for 26 years of marriage and 8 years before that!

  3. Jumping back in here to add my Day 2 gratitude thought — I am sooooo grateful both for yarn (oooh, the colors and textures!!) and for having been taught to knit by my grandmother – such an enjoyable pastime!!

    Thanks for this idea, Maribeth!!

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