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Gratitude Month – Day 3 – They Raised Him Right

on November 3, 2010

Since I’ve been on a roll with gratitude and family, I’ll toss one in here that I probably wouldn’t have considered at various times in my long marriage – my in-laws. There’s some ugly family history that doesn’t need to be remembered any longer and for that I’m grateful. Simply put, without my in-laws, I wouldn’t have my husband or my sons. Also, given the fact that my in-laws were good parents, my husband is a wonderful man with a deeply ingrained sense of family which he has been able to pass on to our sons. This is so incredibly important in today’s dysfunctional society. My sons have grown up with all four grandparents involved in their lives, and who have been married to each other for eons. That’s a rare thing these days!

So here’s to my in-laws without whom I wouldn’t have the three most important people in my life! THANK YOU Paul and Jo!

And what are you grateful for today? Do share . . . ♥

2 Responses to “Gratitude Month – Day 3 – They Raised Him Right”

  1. Maribeth, I noticed that you were “on a roll with gratitude and family” – you influenced my gratitude comment for today – thanks.

    Today (and everyday) I’m grateful for my daughter, Lauren (I usually call her Slightly-British Daughter – because she is reserved – and yet Monty Python hilarious).

    She’s an adult now – and my dearest friend (as well as my right-hand in Square-Peg-People work). I watched in awe as she grew from a tiny little bald girl (I think she was way into her twos before she had much hair) into this brilliant, kind, old-soul child; then into a brilliant, artistic teen and on into a wise, gentle, loving (and brilliant) woman who helped me raise my son (she’s 15 yrs older) & was the first stay-at-home-auntie I ever knew (she helped raise my granddaughter, my middle child’s daughter, for years).

    Thank you, Lauren – for all you the beauty and goodness you’ve brought into my life!

  2. Karen – Lauren sounds like a beautiful young woman. I wish I could meet her! What a beautiful gratitude you’ve written for her and I hope you showed this to her! Did you? 😉

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