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Gratitude Month – Day 6 – ZZZZZZZZ

on November 7, 2010


I admit it; I enjoy sleep. Sometimes I don’t sleep well, and then I’m a zombie the next day. Between my husband and puppy snoring the night away, I frequently wander out to the quiet living room and comfy couch in hopes of grabbing some zzzzzs. I’ve always needed a full 8 hours of sleep to feel human. I thank God that my boys were good sleepers from the time they were 6 to 8 weeks old. Yes, I know; I’m really blessed with that!

Sleep, my darling, I love you. ♥


And so, tonight, I’m very grateful we get an extra hour of sleep thanks to turning the clocks back (hey! another reason to be grateful for Fall!) . . . provided my puppy will allow us to sleep in. He’s a 9 month old German shepherd with a very accurate body clock. I’m just hoping with the darkness in the morning, he’ll just snooze for an extra hour. I can hope right?

One Response to “Gratitude Month – Day 6 – ZZZZZZZZ”

  1. That’s my pretty boy Rolf Augustus von Doerr. He looks like a regal German king but he can burp with the best of them 😉

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