Gratitude Month – Day 22 – Potpourri of Gratitude

Gratitude Month – Day 22 – Potpourri of Gratitude

Our weather took a wintry turn over the weekend.  The snow is done but it’s COLD!  This may be the coldest Thanksgiving we’ve had since we moved here.  As I start my work day, I’m thinking of a few things I’m grateful for today that I’m tossing together as one entry…

I’m grateful I got some lovely walks in at Virginia Lake this month, enjoying the fall colors and warm breezes – because, just a week later, the leaves are gone, the hills are covered with snow, the water is ice, and with this cold wind, I won’t be walking there for awhile.

I want to give our old furnace a big hug for chugging through the night.  How did people get through these winters without electricity and heat!

I have a quick little thanks for my puppy.  Rolf just turned 10 months old and is a sable colored German shepherd, around 75 lbs.  By 10 pm, he’s laying on my bed whether anyone is in it or not.  I like to read for awhile before I turn out the light so we hang out together.  He tends to lay against my legs or back, and for the last few weeks of this routine, when I turn off the light, I fall asleep immediately and so does Rolf.  When my husband comes to bed, he moves Rolf to his own bed and I sleep right through it – and usually through the night as well.  I haven’t slept this well in years!  YEEHAW!

I’m grateful for the cheesy cable knit sweaters I bought at JCPenney last season for a song.  They keep me warm without itching the hell out of me.  Who cares if they aren’t stylish?  I’d rather be WARM.

And last but not least, I’m grateful my sweet hubby made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner last night so I didn’t have to!  YUM!  My sons stayed home most of the weekend while the weather was awful so I didn’t worry myself sick.  That’s worthy of a gratitude mention as well!

Have a beautiful, gratitude-filled week!  Let me know what you’re grateful for as we go through Thanksgiving week in the good ol’ USA.

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