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Gratitude Month – Day 23 – Mentors

on November 23, 2010

For three years, I was unable to write much of anything.  There are many reasons why which I’ll save for another blog post.  The important thing is that I’m now writing everyday, even if it’s just personal journaling.  This is a wonderful feeling for me after being so stuck and scared.

My way back to the pen started with Jennifer Louden in the Spring of 2009.  I took a two month teleclass writing workshop with Jen and three or four other women.  I was reminded of how much I love writing, and Jen was encouraging, compassionate, and just plain FUN to work with.  Thank you Jen for being the catalyst for pulling me out of that three year pit!

Early this year, I signed up for Jill Badonsky’s writing club.  Jill sends out a writing prompt twice a week that is always fun and challenging.  Through these prompts, I’ve written haiku, poetry, silly prose, serious thoughts, brain dumps . . . different things to stretch my mind and open that door to creativity a little more with each prompt.  Jill also sends out writing tips and just the act of posting my writing publicly was scary but it’s another catalyst to moving past the fear.

This summer, I had a “cupcake” intuitive reading with Bridget Pilloud.  It was through this reading that I found the courage to have a personal blog.  I was writing work related items but not putting my personal thoughts out there.  Bridget hit on my “sore” throat chakra and recommended some things to help that.  She was right on with her reading and what I needed to do.   A month or so later, I birthed this blog.

As summer turned into fall, I was writing and blogging but not often – or as often as I wanted.  I signed up for Julie Jordan Scott’s And Now You Write program–40 days of writing via Jule’s prompts.  In was through this lovely program that I found my consistency.  I made the jump to writing everyday, even if it’s just five minutes.  Julie was my personal trainer in teaching me to exercise that writing muscle and do it even when–especially when–my knees are quaking in fear.

I consider all four of these women my mentors.   They’re are genuine, amazingly creative, and each one has a gift for drawing out the genius inside of us.  I’m still a work in progress but I know who to look towards for that spritz of inspiration and motivation.

Thank you so much Jen, Jill, Bridget and Julie!

Who are your mentors?  Have you thanked them lately? ♥

2 Responses to “Gratitude Month – Day 23 – Mentors”

  1. I’m honored to help in any way that gets your wisdom and voice into the world!

  2. Bridget says:

    This world needs your voice and presence Maribeth!
    And I know that 13 years ago, your storknet website was so helpful to me when I was pregnant with Ike.
    What goes around, comes around, sister!
    Much love and gratitude!

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