Gratitude Month – Day 25 – Thanksgiving

Gratitude Month – Day 25 – Thanksgiving

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  Food and family—what’s better than that?  It can also be a pain in the ass with all that cooking, cleaning, being nice, being chatty, shopping, blah blah blah.  Mostly, it’s a lovely tradition in which we sit at the dining room table for the first time in a year with family and a delicious meal.

This year was no exception.  The eight of us laughed as much as we ate and remembered why we love and even like each other.  We expressed our gratitude for each other and the delicious meal (if I do say so myself since I cooked it).

I love traditions, and I love changing it up and doing something different.  As long as I’m with my family, the way we celebrate is not important.  My sons are 21 and 23—who knows how many more Thanksgivings they’ll be with their parents before going off to do their own thing.  My own parents are 82 and 86, and again, who knows how many more Thanksgivings we’ll have with them.  So we enjoyed the day without thinking about the future, without worrying about when my husband will get work . . . we were grateful for being together and that joyful laughter we shared.  Priceless!

Living in the moment . . . it’s the unrealized gift of Thanksgiving!

And thanks Mom for saying I make the best mashed potatoes you’ve ever eaten.  ♥

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day! And you know, Maribeth – it warmed my heart to also read that all the fuss “can be a pain in the ass” — seems like (somehow?) when we embrace the darker side of things (rather than pretend they don’t exist), it lets the light shine in?? (or maybe i just need another cup of coffee – lol).

    Glad you had such a lovely day – and good to know about your mashed potato skills (mine were cellulite-lumpy this year, so I may need to ask you for your secret) – sweet that your mom gave praise where praise was due!!

    Many hugs, Dear One!!!

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