Friday Finds – Some goodies for the weekend

Friday Finds – Some goodies for the weekend

Making Peace With My Aging Face

Here are few goodies I discovered this week that I thought I would share in case you need something to think about/look at/enjoy over the weekend . . .

I LOVE Karen Caterson and Square-Peg People.  She has a new blog post up about How We Celebrate.  Since my celebrations have ALWAYS revolved around food and I can no longer do that anymore thanks to my health issues, I’m going to try the square-peg way as soon as I have something to celebrate.  Check out Karen’s blog post:  Celebrate – Square-Peg Style.  I’d love to know how YOU celebrate so please drop down to the comments box and let me know!  Let’s share!

I just finished up Susannah Conway’s amazing course Unravelling:  Ways of Seeing Myself.  Wow – this was a great way for me to unravel a lot of “stuff” from childhood on up through my adulthood.  I got to enjoy my new camera and fell in love with photography.  I feel like I’ve made peace (or am beginning to) with my aging face.  The picture here is one I put together for the last assignment but chose not to use it as the final project so I feel comfortable sharing it with you.  I learned that I have a dream to become a yoga therapist who specializes in working with grieving persons and those with challenging health issues or stress.  Wonderful wonderful course!  I’ll do a full review of it soon.

Books – I’m currently reading Kate Morton’s newest book:  The Secret Keeper.  I’m only about 100 pages in but it’s typical Kate Morton.  I’m hoping to spend some quality time with it over the weekend!   BTW – are you on Goodreads?  I love it.  If you love books, give it a try and befriend me.  Let’s compare and share books!

Amy Purdy’s amazing TEDTalk is absolutely worth watching!  It’s titled Living Beyond Limits and this young lady embodies that!  Please give yourself the gift of watching it.

And one last bit of inspiration . . . It’s definitely Fall in my area when the weather is like Forrest Gump’s proverbial box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.  Here’s a bit of inspiration – a picture taken in my driveway after getting a message from Mother Nature that I needed to get out and enjoy the warmth before the trees become naked.  Good thing I did as a storm blew in shortly after!  I’m just a novice photographer but I like this shot!  🙂


2 Comments for “Friday Finds – Some goodies for the weekend”
  1. Maribeth, thanks so much for pointing to the Square-Peg People post about celebrating – can’t wait to hear what you come up with!!

    I love your face photos (and YOU, of course) – and the Fall photo – oooh! Will check out the Ted video tomorrow – and have added The Secret Keeper to my book list. I am on Goodreads, in the sense that I signed up. After that – nada. Maybe I’ll wander over and look around since you’re there! Sending hugs!! <3

    1. Love you Karen! xoxo

      Celebrating – it’s a whole mindset change for me and I’m thinking I’m too old to do it! LOL. But it’s going to be a valuable excavation for me so I’ll make myself up for the dig. Where’s my shovel?

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