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Identity Crisis?

on March 11, 2017

Last fall, we found ourselves in a major upheaval (aren’t all upheavals major?) when we needed to sell our house quickly to avoid bankruptcy.  We did, thankfully, and in the process had less than 30 days to sort through 26 years worth of junk possessions.  What do we toss, sell, donate, store, take with us to an apartment 1/4 of the size of the house we were leaving?  Where can you go when you can’t buy right away and your bad credit score prevents an apartment complex from accepting six months rent in cash?  We did it though even when someone told us they didn’t want to rent to “people like us” (from the place where we offered to give them 6 months rent the day we moved in when we closed escrow).  We did it even though we lost our beloved German shepherd the day we moved.  We did it!  We did it with broken hearts over our Rolf and we did it with glad hearts for a fresh start in new digs.  We did it even though our last remaining child at home moved elsewhere and we became empty nesters (even emptier without our dog).  We did it even though we didn’t like each other very much through the process.  We did it even though it was embarrassing.  And we survived.

Once the fog lifted and it was time to get back to business as usual, I had a shock.  A few days before my blog name (domain name) expired, I tried to transfer it away from WordPress to my usual registar so my whole blog could be on my VPS.  Wordpress blocked it (supposedly for my protection) and through a comedy of errors on both their part and mine (being that I was preoccupied with the above), when the block was removed, I didn’t realize it and a Japanese lingerie site (soft porn!) took over MY NAME.  My domain name was my personal name which I’m not typing here because I don’t want you to go there and give them any traffic.  But people, MY NAME dot com!  I am not a soft porn site and oh the agony and embarrassment.  I’ve spent four months trying to fix this.  I’ve spent those same months trying to get my first name dot com and they never respond.  So this blog has hung in limbo as I’ve tried to sort out what to do.  In short – a bit of an identity crisis.  It’s turned into a long process and the links to my name dot com are everywhere so using my name dot net isn’t going to be helpful – people will usually go to a dot com.

It’s time to move on.  Until I figure out if this blog even needs a name, I’ll be hanging out here at



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