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Bobcat Sightings and Sighings

on March 4, 2018

As I work on moving and revamping my blog while entertaining some new health issues, I wanted to share a few pictures with you lest you think I’ve totally disappeared. Last June, we moved from our little apartment to a rental house in the farthest west neighborhood of my town. We have a hill directly behind us, and we get to enjoy all kinds of wildlife sightings including birds (especially my husband’s favorite red tailed hawks), bunnies galore, jackrabbits, squirrels and tiny lizards in the summer.

Yesterday, we saw this bobcat on the rock wall at the top of the hill. He (she?) hung out there for at least 30 minutes after we noticed him. I had time to dig out the Canon and telephoto lens, and we’ve decided we need to keep it handy! He sat there and groomed just like any cat and then laid down for awhile. Such a gorgeous face.  My newest medication was causing a serious case of the blues and the gift of seeing this amazing animal did so much to lift my spirits.  What a gift! Do you find seeing nature like this lifts your spirits?

Enjoy! We certainly did! If you click on each picture, you’ll get a larger view.

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