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Gratitude Month 2011 – Week 3

Week 3 already and I know these daily gratitudes are certainly not what I expected to be posting this year. I had lofty expectations and honestly, I’m just grateful I’m getting some of these days with my sanity intact.

November 15 ~ Family Time

My husband and two sons took me out to dinner tonight. It was a wonderful time for the four of us to be together and reconnect during this crazy time. My husband was especially pumped – he sent me his first text message ever and trust me, this is HUGE for him 🙂 and he chose a restaurant we’ve never been to before. The man is stepping outside his comfort zone! The food was great, the company even better and for that 90 minutes, all seemed right with the world. I’ll be ready to tackle some big decisions tomorrow. Thanks guys!

November 16 ~ Embracing My Shadow Self

I believe in the importance of living in gratitude. It’s a huge part of my heart and soul, but today, I just don’t want to do this. I want to whine and kick and scream about how unfair this all is. Today was just awful.period. I’ve seen too much of my shadow self lately, and she scares me. I also believe it’s time to thank her. I know; it sounds nuts, but in the last two weeks, I’ve spent countless hours at the hospital, had a dirty bedpan thrown at me, been slapped and called names, flipped off, and been yelled at for not doing whatever Dad wants. I want to curl up in a ball and wait for this to just go away – but it won’t just go away. There’s no one else to do this. That shadow self, scary as she may be, is taking care of me right now and giving me the fight to go on so I don’t curl up in a ball. I’m thankful to her and that I survived this day with my sanity 🙂

November 17 ~ Nothing Serious

Dad was sent to the rehab hospital next door to the main hospital yesterday. After we got him settled in, we noticed his urine looked like motor oil or the color of eggplant. Freaky looking. Honestly, I didn’t think he was ready for this transfer but I’m not a doctor. The nurse called the doctor and didn’t hear back for hours. Eventually, they took him to the ER around 2am because he was in serious pain and was bleeding quite badly. He was at rehab less than 10 hours when he has a problem requiring the ER. The diagnosis? A urinary tract infection. Nothing serious. He’ll be transferred back to rehab in a few hours and treated there with antibiotics while working on his physical therapy, speech therapy, and all that fun stuff. I’ve been up since 1:30am when they called, scared awake, but I’m grateful that this was nothing serious, easily treatable, and hopefully won’t set Dad back much.

I’m also thankful that I wasn’t injured when my 21-month old German shepherd plowed into me in the dark backyard last night and completely knocked me off my feet. My wrist and neck are sore but nothing major. I landed on my behind and that’s nicely padded 😉 What.a.month!

November 18 ~ We’re Safe!

Never boring in Reno! A firestorm swept through my area. We were woken up at 5:30 with a call that a fire was in our area and we may have to evacuate. My sister-in-law had been evacuated at 3am, and the high winds in our area were spreading the fire like crazy. It was a very long day, we lost our power under 3:30am Saturday morning but we are safe and the fire has blown away from our immediate neighborhood. It really was close! My thanks to the firemen who are still working as I write this to fully contain the fire. My prayers to those who lost their homes in this disaster.

November 19 ~ A Patient Nurse

My dad didn’t last long at the rehab hospital. He was transferred back and admitted to the regular hospital late Thursday night. He’s in a different unit and not doing well. We’re dealing with a whole new nursing staff and his primary day nurse is beyond patient with him. She’s asking me several questions, asking other people questions to get help for Dad, calling in staffers from other units who have more experience, and I’m grateful for her. He probably won’t be in this unit long but it’s been wonderful feeling comfortable leaving the hospital when I need to because this nurse, Sarah, will take good care of him.

November 20 ~ Snow!

It sounds crazy to be grateful for snow but I was grateful today for the “picture” of snow. It was a lousy day at the hospital – again – and in a fit of frustration, I looked towards the window and was gifted with the most beautiful view. Dad is on the eighth floor and the view is incredible. The clouds were low and it was snowing heavily. I’m sure on the ground floor, the view was meh because the snow was melting when it got that low. From the eighth floor, it was gorgeous. When I looked over at the window and saw it, my frustration melted for a bit. The cleaning lady came in and went to the window with me while we both laughed at how cool it looked. Cheesy – sure. But at this point, I’ll take anything that shifts my perspective from this neverending angst. It didn’t snow long but it was enough!

November 21 ~ Hot Water

Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? When you hop into the shower and you have beautiful hot water dancing over your body, do you ever say a word of thanks? I don’t; I just get in and do my thing. This morning, I was the third person to hit the shower and we were rather low on hot water. I had shampoo in my hair still to be rinsed and in need of conditioner when the hot water ran out. UGH! I needed a hot shower to get myself prepared for a long day! I danced through the lukewarm stuff to rinse out my hair just before the cold water hit; no time for conditioner. Just a reminder not to take things for granted so thank you hot water (and I’ll have to remember to hop in the shower before my men do on Monday mornings!).

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Gratitude Month 2011 – Week 2

It’s already the second week of November. It’s been a week since my dad went missing, and he’s been in the hospital for six days now. Honestly, it seems like November is a month old given the stress and my long days of being at the hospital. I worry about what’s to come and how we will ever care for him when he’s released. Some serious decisions have to be made and I wish someone else would just take over and make them. Having said that lament (whine, snivel, moan, fret) I know that whatever happens, we’ll cope with it and do what needs to be done. One of the biggest gifts we’ll take away from this experience is learning to ask for help!

November 8, 2011 ~ Improvement

Today, I’m grateful that Dad’s physical status has improvement greatly and he’s more alert and cognizant of what’s going on around him. He will need a lot of physical therapy to get up and around again, but he did sit up in a chair for a bit today and that’s the first time he’s been out of bed since the accident. YES! He still cannot eat or drink and has to be tied to the bed when I’m not there but today was a vast improvement on many levels.

November 9, 2011 ~ My Taxi Driver

Dad had a huge step backwards today and after spending 7 hours at the hospital, I called my husband who served as my taxi driver. I did have a car at there but Hubs drove over anyway, picked me up, took me to a loud happy place for dinner and took me home. I didn’t have to think or make a decision and that’s exactly what I needed.

November 10, 2011 ~ Sweet Sleep

I finally got a good night’s sleep last night. I feel so much more human today and ready to take on whatever is tossed our way. It really is those small things that get you through the big things!

November 11, 2011 ~ A Busy Person’s Concern

When I’m not at the hospital, they keep my dad’s wrists restrained to the bed so he doesn’t pull out his tubes (he’s yanked out the NG tube twice and the cathether once). He’s been having swallowing issues so the NG tube has been a problem; he’s not getting enough nutrition and yesterday, he didn’t want to eat what they were feeding him (has to be watched when he eats to be make sure he swallows everything completely). He’s losing strength, not breathing with his entire lung anymore . . . in other words, he’s at that point where being in the hospital is exacerbating some of his problems but he’s too weak to leave.

I’ve been spending hours and hours at the hospital. One of Dad’s best nurses was also the one who would make comments when I’d leave for the day about how she hoped he didn’t go berserk again because of the restraints and he had to be restrained when I left . . . I’d feel SO guilty that I would sob all the way home. Wednesday, he was restrained anyway when I was there and getting mad at me because I wouldn’t bring him the wall . . . yes, it can be overwhelming.

Dad’s neurologist travels with an entourage; she commands attention. She asked me how he was doing saying I’d know more because I was with him all the time when she only saw him for a few minutes a day. I appreciated that comment – she trusted my opinion and asked for it. She listened to me – really listened. When I was finished, she asked me if I was sleeping at night. I was so taken aback that I just stared at her. She expressed her concern for the amount of time I was at the hospital . . . this incredibly busy woman was making sure I was taking care of myself.

When she left, the PT who was working with Dad’s roommate came over and said he heard the conversation and was also concerned. We had a very long chat (Dad slept through all of this), and he made suggestions for getting out even if it was to sit in the hospital healing garden outside for 10 minutes a few times a day.

When I left for the day, my husband told the nurse he was “busting me out of there” and she said GOOD! This particular nurse has never made me feel guilty. It felt so wonderful that people were expressing their concern for me. I’m truly grateful for that TLC; it makes a huge difference.

And one little tip – LOL – if you’re stuck at the hospital for days on end, read a classic. I’ve been reading Anna Karenina which has been noted by nearly everyone. It says, “I have a brain and I can communicate with you so don’t treat me like a child.” No one has talked down to me the entire time we’ve been there, and this used to be a problem for me. There are times when I need to read a chapter over (they’re very short in Anna Karenina) because my mind gets preoccupied but it’s a great read for me through this, and I’m enjoying it. Just a little tip from me to you 🙂

November 12, 2011 ~ Safe Sons

My sons coach a baseball team of 14 and 15 year old boys (my sons are 22 and 24). They had a tournament this weekend in Sacramento. When they got 45 minutes away from home, the engine on the car seized up. They were able to push it off the highway and into the parking lot of the Boreal ski resort. They were rattled but uninjured. This happened in a good spot instead of at the summit or in one of the canyons with horrible weather and far away from help. It will a very expensive fix and the car still has to be towed back home, but my boys are safe, and that is absolutely the most important thing – BIG GRATITUDE!

November 13, 2011 ~ A Little Trip

My husband and I drove up to meet the tow truck and push our stranded vehicle out of the snow bank. While we were waiting for the tow truck, I hiked up to the observation point and watched the skiers and snowboarders enjoying the snow. The sun was shining, the sky was a brilliant blue, and there was no wind. It was a bit brisk but the perfect day for skiing. It felt so good to be outside watching people have fun. I got to enjoy my husband’s company during the ride (we put a moratorium on hospital talk) and it felt wonderful to get away for a few hours. It was a quick trip but it certainly warmed up my heart. Sometimes it’s the simple things that do the most!

November 14, 2011 ~ Soccer Therapy

I’m blessed to have a 21-month old German shepherd named Rolf. He can actually kick a soccer ball with both front paws. When I need a nature break, I go outside to my backyard and play soccer with Rolf. He doesn’t care if I kick like a girl; he just wants to play. I can kick the ball with everything I have, and he’s in seventh heaven. Today was one of those days that it was either have a breakdown or kick the soccer ball all over. Thank you Rolf for getting me outside for some exercise and love!

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Gratitude Month 2011 – Week 1

It is November already and that means it’s gratitude month. For the last two years, I’ve publicly announced a daily gratitude during November. To be honest, I really really don’t want to do it this year. My plate is full, and I’m emotionally spent; adding one more thing to my day just doesn’t appeal to me. And that’s why I know it’s even more important that I do it.
Here goes . . .

November 1, 2011 – My Support Team

I absolutely have to start my gratitude with my support team. My mom died July 30 and we’ve moved my 87 year old dad in with us. He has some dementia and was born with a grumpy egocentric attitude that hasn’t mellowed with age. My life has changed dramatically in the last three months, and I would not be doing as well as I am (and trust me, I still have moments of utter darkness) without my support team.

At the top of the list is my husband who is the one who suggested my dad move in with us. He helps as much as he can, he listens to me when I need a shoulder, and he holds me when I think I can’t go on. My sons are also incredibly helpful whether it’s helping out with Dad or making dinner – or especially making me laugh. The four of us were a very tight family when Dad moved in and we’re taking good care of each other through this experience. I wish everyone could have three such men in their lives!

I need to add my brother-in-law to the list because he’s the one who listens to my husband when he needs to vent!

My Halos711 soul family and Inner Child soul family have also all been there for me, without judgment, and with so much love. Wow!! I love you all!

For those of you who have called, sent cards, notes, and emails – thank you! It helps to know I’m not alone.

It’s such a gift to know that when I need something (or someone), I just have to ask. It’s such a gift and a blessing to have a support team. I know that I’ll get through these challenging experiences because I have you all there to help and cheer me on. THANK YOU ALL!

What are you grateful for today and this month? ♥

November 2, 2011 – A Roof Over My Head

Not speaking for anyone here but myself, I have a tendency to take some things for granted such as having a safe and warm place to live. For anyone who lives in Reno (or any other place hit hard by the economy), a short drive around town will show you how many people don’t have a safe place to call home. For today, I vow to think about all those things, big and small, that I take for granted and having a roof over my head is a big one. I don’t have a fancy schmancy, spotless house, but I have a place to hang my hat that keeps us safe, warm and is filled with a lot of love. That is much to be thankful for!

Hope your November gratitude list is filled to the brim already! Mine is. ♥

November 3, 2011 – Police and Hospital Support

On Wednesday, November 2, my dad left to go to the grocery store at 3:30pm and never came home. Two hours later, I was getting frantic and by 7:30, when my family had gone everywhere Dad would normally go, we called the police and the hospitals. By 11:00pm, we filed a missing person’s report with an officer who was beyond kind and took us seriously. It was a LONG night. Early in the morning, a woman from Reno PD called and got all the information needed to put a flyer together for the news media. She gave me her private number. I called the hospitals again, and one hospital was over-the-top fabulous, encouraging me to call every hour until he was found while another hospital hung up on me.

The lady from Reno PD kept in touch (and I hate that I don’t remember her name) and finally, she called closed to 1pm saying he’d been found by the California Highway Patrol nearly 100 miles away. She was beyond kind, giving me the information needed. My husband called the contact with CHP and he was beyond kind. My dad had crashed his truck and rolled it down a 50′ ravine into a creek and was semi-conscious. Once the had him extracted from the truck and out of the ravine, CHP called again to tell us Dad was being careflighted to the trauma center in Reno. Reno PD also called to tell us.

As soon as the helicopter landed at the hospital, a social worker from the hospital called and everyone there has been fabulous. This kindness and going the extra mile for us has made a very frightening experience bearable. I am so very grateful for all of them and of course, to God as well because it’s a miracle Dad was even found in the remote location he was in – and with no broken bones or serious injuries! He has hypothermia from being in the truck overnight in freezing temperatures and water (core temperature was 84 upon arriving at the hospital).

Thank you Reno PD, California Highway Patrol, Nevada Highway Patrol and Renown Medical Center for being so incredible at your jobs!

November 4, 2011 ~ My Sons, the Chefs

I’ve spent a very long very difficult day at the hospital with my dad. My husband and I are spent. We just came home and my sons have cooked dinner for us. Shopped (paid for it themselves) and cooked! What a gift! Yes, the kitchen is wrecked but I could use the clean up time to decompress. I have the best sons in the world! Thank you Eric and Chad!

November 5, 2011 ~ Nurses at Renown Medical Center

Today was another difficult day at the hospital. The nurses taking care of my dad, both RNs and CNAs, are incredible. He is nasty to them and very difficult to take care of and they handle him with dignity. They take the time to answer my questions, reassure me that I’m doing the right thing (even when I got upset with dad), and I just rest easy when I’m not there that Dad is in good hands. They take a huge load off my mind and that is absolutely something to be grateful for right now.

November 6, 2011 ~ Fresh Air

This might sound like a nutty one but I feel half nuts at the moment. 🙂 After being stuck in a hospital most of the day, it’s a joy to go outside and breathe in the fresh crispy Fall air. It smells good, it feels good, and after a long stressful day, it felt wonderful to experience this change in perspective. Thank you Mother Nature for this gift.

November 7, 2011 ~ Dogs Who Know

Today, I came home from the hospital absolutely spent. I crawled into my bed with all my clothes on and started to sob. Within a minute or two, my 21 month old German Shepherd jumped up on the bed and laid against me – spine to spine. He let out a great big sigh that made me giggle. He knew I needed comfort and he was there, giving it in the best way he knew how. All we really need when things get challenging is to know that we are loved and he reminded me. He didn’t fix anything, but he helped me shift my perspective and that’s how we keep putting one foot in front of the other through these challenges. Thank you Rolf! ♥

First Week of Gratitude Month Recap

What a week – certainly one I didn’t expect. I’m very grateful for all of your prayers and well-wishes. My dad has a long tough road ahead and I don’t know how this will turn out, but I am very grateful that I don’t have to walk it alone. Thank you all so much!


Mind-blowing Contrast

According to Wikipedia, “The Holmes and Rahe stress scale is a list of 43 stressful life events that can contribute to illness.” In the last year, my husband and I have racked up quite a score. It’s almost frightening to think about – ALMOST. It’s true that the last year has been a wild ride, but it’s also been a most precious year in some ways. Through this turbulence, my husband and I have become much closer and our little family of four is closer as a result. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. In fact, I would have said on July 29 that I was as happy as I’d ever been despite the serious financial stress we’re under. I was absolutely confident that that situation would be resolved and resolved soon; I was content in a way I hadn’t ever been before.

On July 30 I was sitting on the couch working through a lesson in Andrea Schroeder’s Creative Journal Magic course (BTW, I HIGHLY recommend this course!). I had broken through a big block and was really rocking the class. I was getting to know myself and loving the possibilities before me. All that was shattered with the news that my mom had died. Within minutes, I had to call people, make snap decisions, plan a funeral, make decisions for my dad who has early dementia and unable to do any of the things people do when there’s a death . . . including moving him into my home while emptying out his and disposing of my mother’s things. I now have the responsibility for an 87 year old man with early dementia; it’s like having a spoiled preschooler with ADHD and my life has changed so drastically, I almost don’t recognize it. I’m trying to figure out a work schedule and coming up short. I’m a “fly by the seat of my pants” girl and my dad has had the same rigid schedule for years that my mom catered to. At 87, changing that schedule causes tantrums. It’s a lot harder to cope with your elderly parent’s tantrums than it is your toddler’s! This role reversal has thrown me for a loop and yet I often feel like that little girl with knots in her stomach because Daddy isn’t happy.

Is this the worst thing that’s ever happened to me? No . . . but it’s certainly thrown a monkey wrench into that delicious peace and contentment I was feeling on the morning of July 30. The contrast is seriously mind blowing.

My emotions have been all over the place today and that really is typical of the grief experience (as well as a woman in perimenopause!). I’m experienced enough with this process to know that the best thing to do is roll with it, acknowledge the feelings at the time and let them go. I’m so much better at “letting go and letting God” now than I was as a younger adult, and this is such a blessing. There can be joy in these challenges if we open up to the possibilities. This is when my gratitude journal keeps me grounded and reminds me that this new tsunami is temporary and doesn’t define me or my life (even though it feels like it quite often!).

Today’s gratitude journal entry will be about Eric (my 24 year old son) trying to recreate a fabulous grilled cheese sandwich that he purchased from some kind of food truck over the weekend. As the smoke was billowing through my kitchen, we laughed ourselves silly and I thanked God for the gift of this child in my life. There is ALWAYS a blessing if you just look for it. ♥


Happy birthday to me and thank you to you!

Here’s a sappy but heartfelt video celebrating my birthday. My German shepherd is the best part of it 🙂

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Gratitude Month – Day 30 – Brotherly Love

Mark, Mari, Michael

Today is my brother Michael’s birthday.  He died four years ago, and I still miss him so very much.

Michael was 11 1/2 years older than me, and for a good chunk of my life, he was a surrogate parent.  When he was sent to Vietnam, he told people he was going to make sure his little sister didn’t grow up in a communism country.  A lovely, if idealistic, sentiment.

As I got older, he was my buddy and I felt as though he was really the only one in the world that accepted me just as I am.  I’m so grateful I had someone in my life like that, especially during my teen years.

I miss having someone tell me that he’s always there even if he doesn’t call often, that I’m always in his thoughts, that we didn’t HAVE to say the words because the love and emotion was always, always there.

…I miss you Bro! I miss your laugh, and I miss the way you’d change around words accidentally (remember Casey Steach instead of Stacy Keach?).  I seem to have inherited this strange phenomenon from you!   I miss the crazy Thanksgivings we had together, staying up late working 3D puzzles and listening to Sean regale us with idiotic 7/11 stories that had us in stitches and tears.  I miss the shopping trips where we talked about everything and anything.  When I get lost driving somewhere, I can hear your wild laughter since neither of us could navigate our way out of a tea cup.  We were always taking the scenic tour!  I miss you but I’m so very grateful you were in my life for 48 years.

PS – the above picture is me with my brothers.  Both have passed on.  I love this picture because we were young and silly – and frankly, my brothers were both so hammered that I was holding them up 🙂  Check out those “stashes” and that pepsi bottle!  Hello 1985!

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Gratitude Month – Day 29 – Family Dinners

I know—this topic seems so cliché, but I’m going for it anyway.  Over the years, we’ve tried our best to have as many evening meals together as possible.  As athletes, this can be difficult to do when many games and events take place after school hours.  As high school athletes, it was even harder.  My boys are now 21 and 23 and still living at home but their schedules are even crazier.  And yet, we still manage to eat together 3 or 4 nights a week.

For us, mealtime is when we come together for conversation.  We say grace, we eat, and we talk.  Our manners would probably disgust a lot of people; I won’t lie!  The point is, everyone talks and we find out what’s going on with each other.  We might talk about the news or the weather, frequently it’s about sports.  We connect, we relate, we laugh, and we share our busy lives with each other.   Sometimes we solve problems or at least get them out in the open, and there have been a few debates between the two Type A personalities.  🙂

I’m grateful that my sons still enjoy sitting down with their parents and sharing a meal and some conversation.  We all really do like each other!  What a gift!

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Gratitude Month – Day 28 –Say What?

At 51, I am losing my hearing.  I have some nerve deafness in both ears, which can’t be fixed and will continue to deteriorate.  I also have constant tinnitus in both ears (and sometimes my ears play two different discordant tunes—UGH!).  I’ve even woken up in the night from the noise in my ears.

Before my situation gets worse and I throw another pity party, I want to express wholeheartedly how grateful I am that I’ve had “good enough” hearing most of life.  I heard my boys’ first cries and first giggles.  I’ve heard my husband’s beautiful voice say, “I love you, and I do.”  I’ve heard ocean waves and breezes blowing through my backyard trees.

Music – I’ve been able to experience the pleasure of playing instruments and participating with musical groups.  Simply listening to music is a divine gift.  It touches my soul in incredible ways, and I’m grateful for each and every experience.

Before tinnitus entered my life, I heard silence—pure beautiful silence.

When my oldest son laughs, he sounds exactly like my brother Mark who died in 1999.  It makes me smile, and it’s such a gift!

All the things we hear that we take for granted . . . I’m remembering them today with gratitude.  Take a minute with me and thank those ears.  They provide an amazing service for us!

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Gratitude Month – Day 27 – Working at Home

I had planned on being a career woman (if I ever figured out what my career should be), but that changed when I finally brought my first healthy baby home from the hospital after a NICU stay plus losing my first four babies.  How could I ever leave this precious little baby with a stranger?

It was vital for my mental health to spend that first year at home with Eric.  I was a nervous mommy with a hypersensitive baby who would scream for hours at the slightest irritation.  With that unexpected NICU stay, we missed out on that precious recovery room bonding.  We needed time to be together and learn how to be a mommy/baby team; it certainly didn’t come naturally to me.  I needed to trust that Eric was here to stay because I was so sure we were going to lose him too.  Staying home with him enabled us to learn and grow together, for me to gain confidence, and for us to fall in love—and it definitely happened!

By the time Eric was a year old, I had started Pen-Parents (for bereaved parents) and I was pregnant again.  This pregnancy was more complicated, I lost one of the twins and I was on bedrest for most of the pregnancy.   Eric was 19 months when Chad came into our lives and with two under two and a non-profit organization to manage, I didn’t have the time or the desire to work outside the home.  Luckily, I didn’t have to at that time.  I was able to be with my little men and see every one of their milestones.

As the boys got older, I was thankful I had Pen-Parents to manage.  It gave my brain a challenge, and I knew in my heart that the boys were on loan to me.  Someday they’d grow up, and I didn’t want to be like my mom and mother-in-law who had absolutely nothing to do once their kids left the nest.  I needed something to call my own whether it was a career or a pet project.  I was a volunteer at the boys’ school but that’s still something that revolved around them, rather than me.

As our finances changed, it became necessary for me to find paid work rather than my volunteer work for Pen-Parents.  Luckily, I was hired by Prodigy to write a Grief, Loss and Recovery webpage which lead to a job as their medical support bb leader and the health bb leader.  This lead to other online jobs and finally to going off on my own as Prodigy Classic followed by Prodigy Internet closed.

I am so grateful that when it was necessary for me to go back to work, I was able to do so from my home and work my schedule around my boys.  It takes discipline to be a work at home mom and I’ve never been particularly disciplined but somehow over the years, we’ve made it work.  I was always home when they got out of school and we ended up being the house that my boys and their friends congregated at.  Sometimes I was working into the wee hours of the morning because of the boys’ schedules.  But it balanced out and honestly, I’m better suited to a different schedule everyday than an 8-5 Monday through Friday kind of thing.  I know my path wouldn’t suit a lot of women, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed – a stimulus for my brain, something to call my own, and still be at home with my boys.

The way I “fell” into the Prodigy job which led to this and that and then starting StorkNet still surprises and delights me.   I’m so grateful to Prodigy and to Nancy Eggleston for recommending me.

Here’s to work-at-home moms!  It’s an adventure but for me, it has been a privilege, and I’m so grateful!

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Gratitude Month – Day 26 –The Love More Project

Over the summer, I was looking through the shows on Blog Talk Radio and found one on eating intuitively.  I clicked it on and was so impressed with honesty of the hosts.  When the show was over, I looked at the host information and discovered The Love More Project.  This simple discovery was Angel-sent . . .

Several years ago when I was the director for Pen-Parents (a support network for bereaved parents), it was common for members to send me gifts of angel statues, ornaments and books.  I started reading a lot about angels and was fascinated with books by Joan Wester Anderson and Terry Lynn Taylor.  When I moved on from Pen-Parents, the angel gifts stopped and as I got busy as a work at home mom and StorkNet, I moved away from the fascination with angels.

I’m certain now that my angels have been trying to get my attention for years, and it was their guidance that brought me to that radio show on a hot summer morning when I was procrastinating something I needed to do.  That show wasn’t even about angels although the hosts—Megan Gala and Gabe Hanson—certainly mentioned angels.    When the show was over, I noticed that it was produced by The Love More Project and that they hosted several shows throughout the week.  I had to know more.

The Love More Project was founded by Megan Gala who is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.   The Love More Project radio channel on Blog Talk Radio is just one aspect of The Love More Project.  Check out their website and read their monthly magazine.  They have a page on Facebook, and other offerings.  It’s all truly beautiful, and wouldn’t you agree the world needs more love?  LMP is working on just that by helping us love ourselves more so we can spread that love around.

The early morning show Monday through Friday is called Angel Awakenings, and we are blessed for 30 minutes with Tana Newberry.  My husband calls her the Angel Lady and if I oversleep, he brings me my laptop so we can listen to her show.  We’ve gotten into the habit of dedicating our day together as Tana instructs her listeners and the end of the show.  It’s amazing what a difference dedicating your day makes, and it’s become something special and even intimate for my husband and me. ♥

At 11am, Megan hosts a variety of shows, (currently The Healing Perspective with Sunita Newberry, Everyday Wisdom, Updates from the Realms and The Angel Hour with co-host Tana Newberry).  I have learned so much from these shows and I’m so grateful to be back in the warm embrace of my angels, this time with my husband sharing that embrace.  I could go on and on about what a difference this has made in my life!

And I have to give a big shout out to the LMP radio channel chatters.  It is THE best chat room on Blog Talk Radio with warm, compassionate, funny and amazing listeners.  There is truly nothing like it on the internet!

Thank you Megan, Tana, all the other LMP radio channel co-hosts, and the amazing chat room chatters.  Your love and compassion is making the world a kinder, gentler place. ♥

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