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Rest Easy

Rest easy tonight My inner child Your work is done for the day We’ll begin again tomorrow With your bright eyes Eager Ready for love and action We can conquer the world You and me A team without a doubt But now it’s time To rest our spirits And let nighttime dreams Prevail

And Now You Write – Week 2

And Now You Write – September 19, 2010 Prompt:  When I stop fighting it and start writing even when I don’t feel like it, I notice… The cacophony of noise is killing my ear drums.  The symphony is warming up, but my inner critic fights to be the orchestra conductor.  She gets louder, afraid of
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And Now You Write

And Now You Write – September 18, 2010 Prompt:  What If . . . . What if I never watched tv again? What if I volunteered to hold sick babies in NICU? What if the question mark had never been invented? What if I volunteered for our local hospice? What if I started quilting without
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