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Looking for Beauty

December has always been a difficult month for me.  I talk about it a bit in this video.  This year, we have the added shock and horror of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings.  With so much ugliness and sorrow, it’s very easy to forget there IS, there truly is, beauty in this world.

Because I’ve been sucked up into a pity party pit lately because of my health (and yada yada yada), I went on a mission to find ways to feed my soul beyond my usual morning meditation and afternoon yoga.   Music tends to work wonders so blasting the tunes while I’ve been painting and scraping in my future ZenRoom helps a lot.  But I really needed some visual beauty – and then I found this:

If you actually watched that (and listened), you might have a new view of “Oh my God!”  Beautiful, isn’t it?  Worthy of a deep healing sigh . . .  If you skipped over the video, give yourself a 9+ minute gift and enjoy it.  I KNOW you have 9 minutes to do it and it’s worth it, trust me.

From my heart to yours, blessings this holiday season.   And if you have an extra minute, tell me where you find the beauty in this challenging world.

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Friday Finds – Some goodies for the weekend

Making Peace With My Aging Face

Here are few goodies I discovered this week that I thought I would share in case you need something to think about/look at/enjoy over the weekend . . .

I LOVE Karen Caterson and Square-Peg People.  She has a new blog post up about How We Celebrate.  Since my celebrations have ALWAYS revolved around food and I can no longer do that anymore thanks to my health issues, I’m going to try the square-peg way as soon as I have something to celebrate.  Check out Karen’s blog post:  Celebrate – Square-Peg Style.  I’d love to know how YOU celebrate so please drop down to the comments box and let me know!  Let’s share!

I just finished up Susannah Conway’s amazing course Unravelling:  Ways of Seeing Myself.  Wow – this was a great way for me to unravel a lot of “stuff” from childhood on up through my adulthood.  I got to enjoy my new camera and fell in love with photography.  I feel like I’ve made peace (or am beginning to) with my aging face.  The picture here is one I put together for the last assignment but chose not to use it as the final project so I feel comfortable sharing it with you.  I learned that I have a dream to become a yoga therapist who specializes in working with grieving persons and those with challenging health issues or stress.  Wonderful wonderful course!  I’ll do a full review of it soon.

Books – I’m currently reading Kate Morton’s newest book:  The Secret Keeper.  I’m only about 100 pages in but it’s typical Kate Morton.  I’m hoping to spend some quality time with it over the weekend!   BTW – are you on Goodreads?  I love it.  If you love books, give it a try and befriend me.  Let’s compare and share books!

Amy Purdy’s amazing TEDTalk is absolutely worth watching!  It’s titled Living Beyond Limits and this young lady embodies that!  Please give yourself the gift of watching it.

And one last bit of inspiration . . . It’s definitely Fall in my area when the weather is like Forrest Gump’s proverbial box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.  Here’s a bit of inspiration – a picture taken in my driveway after getting a message from Mother Nature that I needed to get out and enjoy the warmth before the trees become naked.  Good thing I did as a storm blew in shortly after!  I’m just a novice photographer but I like this shot!  🙂



Friday Finds – MantraWave

MantraWave from Eric Klein

One of the things I want to do with my blog is share resources that I think are extraordinary.  There’s so much “stuff” to weed through on the internet and it’s hard to know what’s worth it and what’s best to skip.  I’m going to share some of my gold mine finds, and today’s priceless gem is MantraWave.

I have been a fan of Eric Klein’s site for the past year.  He produces products that speak to my soul, and his newest, MantraWave, is probably my favorite.  I’d like to share my experience with you.

In late July, Eric launched MantraWave, and I purchased it right away.  He has three programs:  Removing Obstacles, Love, and Wealth.  I was looking for one for health as I was, at the time, experiencing severe pain and illness.  I was in the hospital in June and was released without a diagnosis and with prescriptions for pain killers and anti-nausea medicine.  By mid-July, I was feeling desperate.  The medication wasn’t working, I was spending hours curled up in a ball in excruciating pain and unable to really function very well.  I decided to purchase all three of Eric’s programs because I needed to remove the obstacles to my health, I needed to cultivate love for myself and the doctor who misdiagnosed me, and I wanted a wealth of health.  It seemed to me all three programs were for me!

For a week, I listened to them, selecting whichever one spoke the loudest.  I didn’t sit in meditation with them very often but I did lie on my bed with headphones, cradling myself in such gentle notes and chants.  Within that week, I started to experience a change.  My pain was still there and escalating but when an attack would hit, I could hear the mantras enter my consciousness and the result was a soothing I hadn’t been able to find before.  It was something for me to grab onto and gently flow with the wave of the mantra instead of grabbing onto the pain and collapsing onto myself.

On August 8, I was admitted to the hospital again.  The next day, I had surgery on my bile duct.  As they wheeled me in my hospital bed to the pre-op area, I was constantly vomiting, which from a laying down position does terrible things to stomach muscles and neck muscles; I pulled them all out!  The anesthesiologist met us in the pre-op area and was trying to come up with a cocktail of drugs to stop the vomiting long enough for him to knock me out without risking aspiration.  It was a tense time and then the mantra for removing obstacles started flowing through my brain.  It just came to me without any conscious thought whatsoever.  I focused on that sweet sound and my poor traumatized system calmed down on its own.  The anesthesiologist and nurses asked me what I had just done because the difference was night and day.

As I regained consciousness in the recovery room following surgery, I awoke to hearing the MantraWave for love.  I was bathed in such self-acceptance at that moment that I knew I would be okay.  I’ve had a long recovery but MantraWave made it faster than it would have been.  I am absolutely sure of this.  The way the mantras come into my consciousness without me calling it in, is amazing.  It’s always the MantraWave I need to hear most.  It is, in short, a blessing and such a gift.

So what is MantraWave?  It’s sacred sound meditation.   The mantras are set to beautiful relaxing music.  On Eric’s website, he says, “Each program is designed to awaken – within you – a specific quality, awareness, and capacity.”  This is why the mantra I most need at the time floats into my consciousness without me calling it.  You can sit in meditation and listen to them or you can play them wherever you are.  When I listen, my heart rate slows, and my heart just opens wide.  I often find myself saying or singing the mantras silently as I go about my day.  I might go a few days and not think about them, and then suddenly, always when I need them most, they’re there.

The programs come in 10 minute sessions, 10 minute guided sessions, 30 minute guided sessions and 60 minutes.   I think perhaps they should come with a warning . . . peace starts here.  🙂

Please visit and learn more about MantraWave.  These programs have had such an incredible impact on my life.  Thank you Eric and Devi!

P.S. – This is not a paid endorsement.  I receive no remuneration for my comments here.  I just want to share information about an extraordinary product that truly helped me.